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The megalo

Ukrainian lottery Megalot is considered a prominent representative of MSL, existing over 18 years in the gaming industry. During the total period 1600 circulations worth, exceeding 300 million. hryvnia. Relatively recently, the largest prize in 15 million.

The game is based on sports lotto, has gained wide popularity due to the good balance between the probability of winning and the size of the prize. To get a win in Megalot, you need 42 rooms, guess from three to six numbers of the main field. In the additional field you need to guess the megamount. In the process of circulation, falls out of the lottery drum 6 main balls plus one extra, which doubles the won main amount. For all guessed numbers, the winner receives a Mega gift in cash.

The amount is set taking into account that, which circulation number the purchased ticket belonged to, and also depends on the number of participants, who guessed six numbers. If there are several finalists, the money is divided in equal shares. You can view the amount and winners in the statistics - the draw of the Megalot lottery.

Prize size for the number of matched balls from 3-5 will also depend on, how many game tickets were purchased. The doubled amount for guessing the number of balls is provided by the "megaculk". Participant, guessed megashar and 6 key figures, gets the jackpot.

Rules Megalo

First you need to fill out a ticket, four-field, on each of which the bet is made. A ticket with one game option costs 5 hryvnia. It means, that the player can make one combination, deleting 6 numbers and guessing one additional number in the "megaculks". Marking "auto", the system will generate a random combination.

The coupon with crossed out numbers must be registered with the distributors. The game bill must be kept. If damaged, you won't be able to take the money.

How to participate in multiple draws

One bet can automatically go through several draws. To play this way, you should indicate the desired number of runs in the line "print run plus".

[edit] Games and Ranking

During 15 for years the company has organized and conducted different types of games:

  • numerical semi-online Lotto lotteries 5/36, Lotto 6/40 and Peak-5 (1998-2006 g.g);
  • combined instant-draw lottery "Altyn Adam" (2002-2003 g.g);
  • draw game "Megalot" (2004 g.), specially designed by Pennan Consulting (Sweden);
  • sports lottery in stadiums (2004 g.)

NLC Games, especially TV Bingo, have long become family fun, bringing families together with common aspirations. National Lottery - Healthy Fun, which excites not unhealthy excitement, and the joyful expectation of good luck.

Intuitive interface

When it comes to fast multi-draw lottery, the main task of the organizers is simplicity of execution. The player cannot spend more to choose 5 or 10 minutes, otherwise he will leave the site, without understanding.

Give credit to the National Sports Lottery, the site turned out to be as clear as possible with a rather pleasant interface, without annoying ads and with complete and clear lottery rules.

For betting (buying a lottery ticket) so far only football is available, although the deputy general director of the League of Stakes Igor Stolyarov promises a basketball lineup in the near future.

It looks a little poor now

It's easy to figure it out further:

  • standings with 16 teams (virtual) - number of matches played, glasses, goals scored / conceded;
  • Total 30 rounds in each championship (then a new championship just begins). It turns out, one championship takes about 7,5 o'clock;
  • in each round there is 8 matches - you can bet on any, the number of bets in the round is not limited;
  • each game has its own odds. The list for the match so far consists of 31-35 points (more expected);
  • standard murals: outcomes, total, individual totals, half-time outcomes, exact score and even combined bet result + total;
  • the tour takes place once every 15 minutes;
  • after the played round, you can immediately bet on the games of the next round;
  • each new season has nothing to do with the previous ones;
  • statistics available before each new game: personal meetings, current form, average performance and much more. Registration of statistics at the highest level, here you can see, that the data is actually taken from the Sportradar website.

Interesting, that every bet made is accompanied by an e-mail about the purchase of a lottery ticket. Another letter comes with information that, that money was transferred from the wallet to buy a lottery ticket. The third letter - about the results of the payment.

Mail is littered thoroughly.

As for the most visual representation of a football match, that one here, rather, disappointment. FIFA Prehistoric Graphics 2010 с элементами Football Manager того же года. The number of dangerous moments per match is limited to a maximum of ten. The game itself lasts no more 3 minutes - sometimes you don't even have time to understand.

The site has a lot of work to do on graphics and visualization. Of course, if the sports lottery product finds its target user.

Difficulties arose on several points:

  • some strange types of bets are indicated in the main line: European handicap 0:2 and "total over 1,5 heads ". Why are these options chosen?? Slightly confusing;
  • in the history of transactions, nowhere can you find the amount of deposited and withdrawn funds. There is no such category at all, how transactions were performed.

How to play the lottery?

To take part in the drawing, you need to complete the registration on the site and top up the balance of the game account. Next, go to the section of interest - basketball or football - and select the outcomes of the matches. Then go to the coupon and place a bet on the lottery combination, thus completing the purchase of a ticket.

The list of matches includes over 30 options to choose from. Total, outcomes, handicaps, bet on separate segments of simulations. The margin is very high and reaches 50%. Equiprobable events are quoted below 1,50. maybe, such a low level of quotations is due to the, that the project is just developing.

Lottery draws are held every 15 minutes. The draw consists of 8 matches. Each fight is equipped with team statistics. The broadcast of the lottery draw is available on the website through the built-in media player. The winning combination is determined within a few seconds and consists of numbers - the outcomes of matches.

Keno National Game

Keno lottery from the state operator UNL is considered the most profitable to date and "long-lived" in its segment. Keno appeared in 2001 r. replacing the 1st national lottery. A distinctive feature of Keno is the variety of combinations of "luck" (35 options), daily draws

Taking into account the statistics, then every 5th bet is winning

Winning in Keno is possible to get, guessing ten out of twenty digits of a number range from one to eighty. Moreover, the participant can independently choose the number of digits, on which the bet will be made. If you manage to guess several numbers, you can count on a gift. The maximum you can guess is up to 10 numbers. The money fund is known - before 5 million. hryvnia. Also, the coupon is automatically registered in subsequent game rounds, which may be 14. To become a participant in other draws, it is necessary to cross out the desired number of tournaments at the bottom of the ticket.

Reviews about Keno can be found on various forums of gaming clubs. The lottery is in the Ukrainian top three in terms of polarity. Residents of Kiev and the periphery are actively involved in it. Throughout history, there have been 45 finalists, received the main fund from 100 thousand. to 1 million. hryvnia. In the final count, the amount of prizes was about 10 million. hryvnia.

Basic facts about Lotto Maxima

The number Ukrainian Maxim lottery recently began to gain popularity among citizens. This is due to transparency, very simple rules. Небольшие выплаты встречаются достаточно часто. Участнику нужно купить карточку, strike out in the playing field 5 figures from 45. During the tournament, randomly drops from the lottery drum 5 balls.

To win the Maxim lottery, just match 2 numbers. If it happened, the participant can already count on a reward in the form of a certain amount.

If there are no hits in the numbers, the jackpot is transferred to another draw of the Maxim lottery. This scheme will be valid until, until a winner is found. Thereby, each player has several opportunities to receive a prize. Draws are held 3 once a week on tv, in the form of online broadcasts.

Lotto Fun

Лото Забава Украина знакома населению с 1999 r. Practically for 20 years, the total amount of money played was four billion hryvnia. Besides, the fund is made up not only of financial rewards. The winners received household appliances as gifts, cars, apartments. for example, 2 years ago, one of the finalists won an expensive crossover, whose price is 400 thousand. hryvnia. Last year Lotto Zabava was included in the Ukrainian Book of Records thanks to the largest number of finalists, who became millionaires - more than two hundred and fifty people.

Lotto is run by the country's largest company, MLS, providing an opportunity to receive such valuable winnings.

Fundamental rules

From the studio lottery drum, balls with numbers from one to 75. The number voiced by the leader on the ball must be crossed out from the game card.

How to win Lotto Fun? At the end of the Great Game, participants need to check the dropped out numbers with those, what are crossed out on the ticket. The minimum prize goes to the lotto user, if one line is crossed out in one of the game matrices. A jackpot in the amount of several million in Ukrainian currency is received by players with 3 closed lines in one matrix (field) or 5 lines in multiple matrices.

On the official page of the MSL operator, you can find out about the rest of the bonuses and gifts, view the draw Lotto Fun, results.

How to determine the size of the prize?

Of all the balls, received during the main drawing, a "winning" combination is formed. The player needs to calculate the contours, five numbers.

The payoff is determined as follows:

  • the prize of category 5 will be received by the participants, which have the same numbers in 2 or 3 fields;
  • category 4 - one horizontal line crossed out;
  • category №3 - 2 horizontal lines;
  • category № 2 - three horizontals + horseshoe symbol;
  • category 1 - three contours + 1 horseshoe.

Fund for prize-winners of the first category is one million hryvnia. If you manage to cross out five contour lines on the whole ticket, there is a chance to hit the jackpot.

Reviews about Lotto Zabava boil down to the fact, that you can get a big jackpot in the main tournament, which is based on home lotto. There are several opportunities to get rich in one game. For many lotto fans, the interactive contest "Hunt for Money" has become an advantage. Players in the studio and users participate, callers by phone. "Lucky Number" – this is a new opportunity to get prize money. You can become a finalist using mobile number. Buying a lottery ticket, you need to order one more combination, and then register it on the site. "Mobile" winners have the right to collect gifts from the studio during 7 days.

Check online

In the archive, those who wish can find the results of the draws held. The circulation statistics are displayed in the following form: table with winners, drawn number of balls, scale of the prize, number of winning coupons, etc.. information.

Sports forecast

Another popular representative of UNL is the Sportprognoz lottery, being the only, jackpot winner. Participants can get it, who will guess the results 12 teams, primarily, football, since it is they who are included in the circulation program.

Выиграть в Спортпрогноз могут участники, who correctly predicted the results 10 or 11 team pairs. To start, you need to take a free terminal card, program with a printed edition at MSL distribution points.

In numbered fields from 1-5, you need to enter the predicted results of matches for a specific circulation Sports forecast. Next to the number of team pairs are the numbers - 2, 1, 0. If the bet is on the home team, "1" is crossed out on the ticket, for guests - "2". In case of a tie, strikethrough "zero".

Why is this sports lottery attractive??

The game is designed for different users, the smallest bet is only five hryvnia. Participants have better chances of making a profit, who understand football, can optimally assess the capabilities of teams. No account forecast required, it is enough to guess which team will win or there will be a draw.

Playing Sports Forecast is twice as interesting, since the participants not only watch their favorite game, but also get a chance for a cash prize. Find out about the results and programs at the points of sale of tickets, on the MSL hotline, from the newspaper of the same name.

How to get a reward from Sportprognoz

Checks for payment are accepted the next day after the draw. Prizes up to 3 thousand. hryvnias are obtained at points of sale. Winnings exceeding the specified threshold, are paid in companies and representative offices of MSL with the passport of the finalist.

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