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Helpful hints

Palm Jumeirah

It's always nice to be savvy and avoid pitfalls while on vacation. Here, what travelers need to know about the UAE:

  1. Tourists, loving alcoholic parties, you need to remember about dry law in the UAE. The shops here do not sell alcohol, you can find delicious cocktails or good wine only in restaurants at hotels and tourist clubs. Local traditions should be respected, because despite the friendliness of the staff, no one likes noisy and drunk guests.
  2. Recently, the Emirates are progressively looking at the world and are accustomed to free fashion and self-expression. Girls and women are allowed to be in public in short or tight outfits. Nonetheless, it is better to consider propriety - and not to wear excessively revealing clothes outside the hotel, colorful jewelry and flamboyant makeup. After all, no one goes anywhere in the city in a beach outfit.
  3. Arabs celebrate holy Ramadan every year, which lasts a month, falling out usually at the end of spring. During this period, Muslims strictly observe customs, and there are many restrictions for vacationers. To rest to your heart's content, better to fit in before the holidays start or fly to the discount season right after Ramadan.
  4. Experienced tourists remind, that the hot Arab sun poses a double threat to the skin of Europeans, therefore it is worth equipping yourself with a supply of sunscreen and not giving up the awnings. It is also best to avoid walking and beach recreation at midday if possible..
  5. For those, who wants to relax economically, suitable resorts of Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah, offering excellent all-inclusive hotel programs. Tourists will find more entertainment and attractions in the major cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A milder climate stands on the shores of the Gulf of Oman in Fujairah.

Among the most notable sights of the Emirates are marked:

  • Burj Khalifa - a huge tower with the most famous observation deck, where it is interesting to admire the city during the day, at sunset and even in the night lights.
  • Palm Jumeirah - an unusual artificial island with a sea of ​​entertainment for vacationers. You can get there for free - and choose any rides to your taste, to linger.
  • Forts of Ras al-Khaimah - cultural heritage, extant, which will impress even sophisticated tourists.
  • Sheikh Zayed and Jumeirah Mosques, where everyone is allowed to get acquainted with Muslim culture and history.

To find a profitable tour, you can use aggregator platforms, where all the current offers from tour operators are collected:

  • Travelata
  • Online tours
  • Level.Travel

For the last 5 years, the Emirates have become even more welcoming and more accessible for tourists from all over the world. Family can relax there, meet foreign tourists and see many of the "most" exciting sights. And the most pleasant thing, that all this is available almost all year round, and everyone can choose the right time to travel.

Dubai shopping districts

Самый известный торговый квартал Дубая — это площадь Насер (она же — Банияс). There are many clothing stores, furs, shoe, perfumery, electronics, carpets, jewelry and watches

Gold, gems, expensive watches and equipment should be bought here with caution, а вот ковры и меха можно брать смело — вероятность подделки практически исключена. Prices in shops in Nasser Square are lower, than in shopping centers, but only if you are bargaining!

For appliances and electronics, go to Al-Faheidi street, за обувью — на Аль-Дыяфа, and high-quality and cheap fakes of famous brands are sold in abundance in the Al-Karama area.

The largest shopping centers in Dubai are located in the city center and along the embankments. The largest shopping mall in the city (and at the same time in the country and the world) — это Dubai Mall, it is located in the exclusive area of ​​Downtown Burj Khalifa and covers an area of ​​more 350 thousand. sq. m. In addition to a huge number of shops and boutiques, there is an aquarium with a pedestrian tunnel inside, 3D-cinema, olympic ice rink, amusement parks KidZania and SEGA Republic, on the top floor is the world's highest restaurant At the Top, and every evening from the windows of the shopping center you can watch the fountain show.

For more details on the most popular shopping centers in the city, see the Dubai Malls page.


Для въезжающих на Мальдивы также действует правило о наличии справки, done in no more than 72 hours before arrival. Experts highlighted, that all tourists must pass thermometry upon arrival. Tourists with ARVI symptoms will need to do a PCR test at their own expense. Its cost is about 100$. “If the test is positive, tourists will be quarantined in a medical facility with payment at their own expense. Also, passengers will need to fill out a health declaration”, – ATOR notes. Форму можно заполнить в аэропорту по прилету на Мальдивы. Эксперты рекомендуют для экономии времени заполнять форму в режиме онлайн на сайте миграционной службы Мальдивских островов не позднее 24 hours before departure.

“When crossing the border in the Maldives, you must have a printed voucher for accommodation, round-trip tickets and medical insurance. On the flight back home, for boarding on a / c Etihad, Emirates, Qatar (the list of aircrafts can be changed) a negative PCR test is required, the limitation period is not more than 72 hours before boarding the plane. For taking the test in the Maldives, in 90% cases, the test will be paid. The test is done at the hotel itself (where there is a clinic and a special permit) or on the nearest local islands, where is there a specialized clinic”, – added by experts.

Weather by months in different regions of the UAE

Bay in Dubai

United Arab Emirates is a small state, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The area is deserted, but due to the proximity of the sea there is a balance of air humidity. It almost never rains, strong winds come in winter, provoking dust storms.

  • Water in bays and small artificial bays is always calm and warm. In port areas, it is slightly polluted., but there are many beaches on the coast, where can you swim. On artificial islands, the embankments are mostly rocky, but there are always pieces of the shore, covered with soft sand especially for the comfort of tourists and the maintenance of natural flora and fauna.
  • Almost all emirates have the same weather, therefore, when going on vacation, you can focus on the forecast for Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. Resort areas are concentrated along the coast and on the islands. Fujairah has very clean air, average temperatures are slightly lower. Here you can cool off in the summer heat and warm up in the natural SPA complex during the New Year holidays.

Weather in Dubai in winter

Dubai in winter

Tourists love to come to the Emirates for their winter holidays. At this time it is not hot here and very interesting. Main obstacles, to consider, so that the rest is not ruined - a sharp cold snap by night, strong winds and cool waters in the bays.

  • In December, in the afternoon, the air temperature is kept at around + 26 ... + 28 ° С, water warms up to + 24 ° С. This time is suitable for families with children., as well as people with sensitive health. Closer to the holidays, you can buy a voucher for two from 35-40 000 rubles and have a good rest, denying myself nothing. By the New Year, cities are beautifully decorated with illumination and more often they arrange all kinds of shows, so the trip won't be boring.
  • In January and February, the daytime temperature is + 22 ... + 26 ° С, and the water cools down to + 22 ° С. It's cold at night - about + 16 ... + 18 ° С. At this time, you can go to Dubai for walks, as well as the shopping festival, when unrealistic discounts allow purchasing high-quality luxury goods much cheaper, than at home. Towards spring, experienced tourists recommend going to Fujairah and the resorts of the Gulf of Oman, because “big waters” warm up faster, than the Persian side.

Dubai in spring

Dubai in spring

Perfect weather reigns on the Arabian shores all spring. The waters warm up to + 24 ° С and become pleasant for swimming, the air temperature is kept at + 26 ... + 30 ° С. In such conditions, it is pleasant to relax with children., comfortable to walk, go on excursions of all kinds, swim and have a sunbath. Tours in this season become much more expensive - from 55 000 thousand for two per week in comfortable conditions.

  • Closer to summer, the real spa heat begins for those, who likes it hot. Thermometer columns show + 32 ... + 35 ° С heat, and in the pools and sea bays you can splash around, not afraid to catch a cold. In such conditions, fans of an exotic climate will like, but it will be less comfortable for hypertensive and cold-loving people.
  • The heat in May-June is here even at night, the temperature does not drop from + 28 ... + 30 ° С. After the rise in prices to 60-65 000 mid season, by the summer they sink to 50 000 rubles for a week tour for a couple. It should be noted, that even a three-star apartment in the UAE is always neat and comfortable, but it is rather difficult to find such, because the Emirates is a country of luxury and "all-inclusive".

Summer in the UAE

Summer in the UAE

In the summer, even the locals tend to get away from the hot desert., in July thermometers state all + 42 ... + 43 ° С of heat. Water heats up almost to body temperature and does not bring relief. Moreover, prices for tours to the Emirates are not reduced at all, therefore, summer can rightfully be considered the least acceptable season for traveling to Arab countries.

Humidity rises strongly in July and August, dust vortices occur, strong wind makes it difficult even to move around the city. Parks and recreational areas are not as spectacular in the hot season, some of them are closed from visitors.

Weather in Dubai in autumn

Dubai in autumn

By mid-September, tourist flows to the Emirates again begin to fly. The weather is back to normal, pleasant heat keeps at + 34 ... + 36 ° С, what will everyone like, who doesn't want to part with summer. In the middle of autumn, the climate is optimal for a beach holiday - the water is warmed up to + 28 ° С, and the air is warm by + 30 ... + 33 ° С. By the end of the season 3-4 times it rains, which in the desert can even please and cheer up.

Ordinary tours in mid-autumn start from 60 000 rubles, "Golden vacation" for two will cost 125 000 and more. This is considered to be the most pleasant time for swimming and sunbathing., which become softer and safer for the skin as the average daytime temperatures decrease.

Duty free

Duty free

Spread over fifteen thousand square meters, has more 140 prestigious international awards. For guests, caught up in Dubai, this is a great opportunity to purchase quality items and alcohol without additional trade markup. Someone may be the winner of the Millennium Millionaire lottery or the, the main prize in which is an expensive car.

For purchases, committed in Dubai, VAT refund is not expected. Passengers, who purchased goods in other countries, can get a tax-free from Global Blue partner - Al Rostamani. It is located at the second exit in the terminal. 3. You can find absolutely everything on the shelves of a huge store, starting with quality decorative cosmetics, ending with elite wines and cognacs. There are no fakes of expensive branded items here., since this is not practiced in the country.

Quick reference

Dubai International Airport

Several passenger and cargo terminals operate at Dubai Airport. The first one serves international flights, it includes zones C and D. Commercial and charter flights, including from the Middle East, served by a second terminal. Diplomats and dignitaries, Smart Card holders are served in the AL Majalis VIP terminal.

To navigate this vast space, the terminals are equipped with modern monitors. Information on flights appears on them, as well as boarding gates. Moving inside is easy, even in the case of a large number of passengers. Besides walking, you can go to your destination on a comfortable path.

Gold, gold… Gold!

People have always been partial to this beautiful yellow metal.. They made jewelry out of it, used as a medium of exchange, rulers modestly minted coins with their own profile, name, or, at worst, fasom. (Well, not yourself, of course, hammers, but they definitely could not do without them).

The most greedy representatives of humanity buried chests of gold in the ground, or, on the contrary, madly and passionately searched for treasures. Pirates and robbers took away from the gaping, citizens who failed to understand the situation and orient themselves in time, bags with gold coins and took off jewelry

I remember, Englishman Robin Hood from Sherwood Forest was the only way to empty the pockets of the rich, inadvertently drove through its habitat, and gave to the poor. He became famous for centuries and went down in history as a noble robber

Even books were written about him and films were made. And you say - a bandit, gold…

In childhood, I remember, almost all fairy tales also contained gold and other treasures, that someone found, someone took away, etc. Only, due to his childish naivety and the power of imagination, although it seemed yellow, but always shiny and sparkling. At a tender kindergarten age, I pestered all adults with a request to cut a granite pebble, so gray, with glitters from inclusions of mica. I tried to explain to everyone, that there is a gold bar hidden inside, whose radiance seeps through the gray surface of the stone. You don't see, whether, how shiny it seemed, there was an iron argument of a happy in its ignorance childhood. I really wanted to get a golden stone from granite, and amaze everyone with your intelligence and wit. But there were no people who wanted to get gold in this way., and no one saw it for me. I was upset and perplexed. Gold, it seemed, it was so close! Then mom showed her wedding ring, said, that it is golden. At first I didn’t believe her - it seemed very ordinary and nondescript to me, and did not sparkle at all and did not blind the eyes, as in pictures in books. Then my disappointment knew no bounds ... Then I begged for a gold chain and a pendant in the shape of a golden key, which the next day in kindergarten and stole. I still remember, how did she cry.

And the alchemists! At all times trying to deduce a magic formula and finally unravel the great mystery! But they haven’t succeeded yet.. I say - bye, because, quite possibly, that now they also exist, only encrypted. But someone necessarily flatters himself with hope - here, a little bit more, and a secret will be revealed to me, inaccessible to the rest of humanity! And it will open. And won't tell anyone. And gold in your basement will be made in tons. And since his further fate is unknown to us and the future is covered with darkness, then let's leave him alone for now, let him cheat further. You look, something and nahimitsya for the joy of all mankind.

And the gold rushes, appeared in the 19th century., ongoing and emerging there, so far! In North America, even Indians were driven out and resettled from Georgia because of this. (1828 - 1840s), when everyone pounced on gold like mad, and local tribes interfered. In Australia, eg, after the start of the gold rush (1851g.) population more than tripled. Well, here, can, and not quite the fever affected population growth, and some other activity on the part of the population (I will not continue this phrase further - suddenly children are reading this article), but the fact remains.

Proverbs and sayings, songs, eventually, arias – "People are dying for metal", what can I say, if we convert the salaries of some of our fellow citizens into gold, then the monthly salary of an individual will be equated to a few grams of yellow metal! This is where we got to.

Although, of course, gold as a precious metal, has a number of advantages, besides beauty. It does not rust - by its composition it has no right to give rust and generally deteriorate. Is considered, which has healing properties and positive energy. Chinese, eg, think, that it carries a charge of vivacity and energy. Let's believe the Chinese, can, they don't lie.

Useful Tips

The main entrance

Those travelers, who dream of a soul, can find him in the toilet. To relieve fatigue and back pain after a long flight, just go to a massage parlor.

  • Hand baggage is carefully checked at Dubai International Airport. Examining packages, opened liquids are asked to finish or pour out. If possible, it's best to pre-register, so as not to be late for boarding. Free internet is calculated here only 30 minutes. The connection quality is not the best, as the airport is always crowded.
  • On long connecting flights, Emirates provides passengers with free meals at the cafe. Packing and unpacking baggage - paid service. There are plenty of outlets at the airport to charge tablets, mobile phones, laptops. But they don't always fit, therefore it is better to take adapters with you.
  • The terminals are calm and quiet, only sometimes calls to prayer are heard. Passengers analyze flight information using displays and electronic scoreboards, installed in all terminals.

The functioning of this transport hub, important for the Emirates, has been established and regulated.. Despite the scale, navigating the terminals is pretty simple

The only drawback is the duration of the inspection of personal belongings and the passage of passport control.

What is important to know

Dubai International Airport - outside view

Dubai airport terminal is striking in scale. To get to passport control, it will take at least ten minutes. Approximately the same time will be spent on the very procedure of passing control

It is important to set these time frames in advance., so as not to miss the flight. Baggage is collected from passengers at the customs post, it happens pretty quickly.

  • Least of all passengers in the morning, but by the evening the workload increases significantly. After passing the customs post, passengers enter the zone, where you can buy the necessary products, take a break.
  • You can get to Dubai from the airport by metro or group (individual) by transfer. When self-booking a room at the hotel, you must clarify the question in advance, airport transfer. Many five-star hotels in Dubai offer free delivery.
  • Terminals 1 and 3 have their own metro, thanks to which you can get to the city. Car rentals are offered near the terminals, but this service is only suitable for experienced drivers.


FROM 15 August all citizens of foreign countries, arriving in Egypt, are required to present negative results of a PCR test for coronavirus. In this case, the analysis must be submitted no later than 72 hours before entering Egypt.

ATOR indicated, what's the deadline in 72 hours are counted from the time and date of collection of the biomaterial in the laboratory, которые должны быть указаны в справке, and not from the date of receipt of the certificate. “Certificate of analysis results must be issued by an official laboratory, and have a laboratory seal”, – indicates ATOR. Также в справке должна содержаться информация о проведенном виде теста. Должно быть указано, что лицу провели тестирование типа RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, tn. OT-PCR), experts stressed.

Certificate of test results must be issued in Arabic or English. Турист может загрузить ее в смартфон или взять с собой в виде бумажного оригинала из лаборатории. The tourist must have a printed black and white or color copy of this certificate with him. Copies are collected at the airport. You cannot take the test upon arrival at Cairo airport.

ATOR noted, что для россиян, которые прибывают через третьи страны в аэропорты курортных городов (Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Taba) certificate with test results from Russia is not required. Но в случае ее отсутствия им нужно будет пройти тестирование по прибытии.

“The cost of a PCR test at the airport of the resorts will be $30. You can pay for the test only in cash (there is no payment by credit card through the terminal yet)”, – reported to ATOR. Test results, made in airport resorts, will report through 12 hours, and until the results are obtained, tourists must self-isolate in the hotel and be served in their rooms, they will be provided with a separate transfer to the hotel. When you arrive in Cairo and have a certificate with a negative test result, you will not have to self-isolate.


Tourists, entering the UAE, need help, done in no more than 96 hours before departure to Dubai (PCR test for COVID-19 in an official laboratory). Term in 96 hours is counted from the time and date of collection of biomaterial in the laboratory (must be indicated in the certificate), and not from the date of receipt of the certificate. The certificate must be issued in English. Accepted at the airport and at the hotel in printed form only.

To fly to Emirates, you must also provide a printed paper test result in English with a seal for admission on board. Electronic versions are not accepted, отметили в АТОР. “Despite having a certificate with a negative test, received in Russia, upon arrival at Dubai airport, Russians will have to pass another PCR test for COVID-19”, – emphasizes ATOR. At Dubai Airport, you will need to install an application to track your location and health status on your smartphones. Test result, surrendered at Dubai airport, will appear in the application through 6-12 hours.

“There are no quarantine restrictions after passing the test at the airport. Tourists can proceed to their hotel, where they are advised not to come into contact with other tourists until the test results are received (you can sit in the room or take a walk on the territory, without contacting other tourists, etc., the main thing – do not appear in public places)”, – concluded experts.


Airport interior

Арабские Эмираты все чаще выбирают для отдыха туристы из России и стран СНГ. You can relax here at any time of the year. Such conditions add attractiveness to the tourist destination..

  • When planning a trip to an Arab country, you need to know and follow local laws. Women even at the airport must be closed, unremarkable clothing. Short shorts and open tops are best left for Turkey and Egypt. There may be separate queues for women and men at the airport, which is also considered the norm for the Arab Emirates.
  • Millions of travelers from different parts of the world arrive at the terminals of Dubai International Airport every year. Dreams of relaxing on clean beaches, shopping in local malls, numerous entertainment, become a reality in the UAE.
  • Free time can be spent not only on the snow-white beach, but also an indoor ski resort, nestled in the middle of a lifeless desert.
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