Should you buy lottery tickets?: all the pros and cons

Top 15 lotteries in russia, in which to win [without cheating]

Pros of buying a ticket

Choice in action. If the participant wins the desired, then a world of unlimited possibilities will be opened to him: all goods of the world, services, the choice of any education, creating your dream home, etc.. Having received so much freedom of action, it is quite difficult not to get confused and spend money wisely. Even so, the three most important things need to be done in advance.:

  1. Describe in detail what exactly is needed and where you need to distribute the money received? So that later the mind does not become clouded and the desire to spend on everything, what you want. Even if the win does not happen, a detailed plan will remain on hand: what to strive for and what to earn for the prosperity of life.
  2. Contact qualified workers. Perhaps the lucky one wants to open his own business for winning (company, score, enterprise, etc.), do not deal with questions, in which he is not competent, if you can contact financiers to draw up a financial plan.
  3. Don't make debts. Try to follow the means, which you have and do not count, that they will grow without any effort.

Financial independence. A big plus will be that, what the winner can:

  • Pay your bills yourself, training, utilities.
  • Get rid of the dependence of parents' funds and possibly start providing them yourself.
  • Buy desired services and products, access to branded items will appear.

Resources and Pleasures. The most important resource is knowledge. Therefore, it will be possible to gain the opportunity to:

  • Learning new languages.
  • Additional education in various fields, getting a dream education.
  • Access to all kinds of sports, training, marathons. It will be possible to independently organize any event, transmission, section.

Pleasant wait. Even if the person has not yet acquired his prize, or even won it at all, the expectation itself will be pleasant. After all, when we're all waiting for something good, want to create, do good deeds, do your job more productively, household chores. Even if no prize comes later, then the body will not be so filled with dreams of disappointment, on the contrary, you will want to do more and earn more, to live better.

Cons of buying a ticket

Fast bankruptcy. Unfortunately, according to numerous studies and statistics, most people go bankrupt after a big win in about a year. This is due:

  1. Lack of a structured plan for further actions with wealth.
  2. The desire to acquire everything you want, instead of, to put them into business, which can make a profit.
  • Envy. Few cases, when best friends were acquired with the prize. Rather the opposite: getting his, the winner makes others feel, as if he took away the coveted win. Good, if envious people swallow this feeling in silence, after all, you can try to take possession of someone else's happiness.
  • Emotional disorder. Having become the owner of the prize, a person may find himself in a situation, as if he owes everyone. Most often, relatives will put pressure on him, after all: “We are your family, you have to share with us!». Such expressions are found statistically much more often., than I would like. This can lead to feelings of oppression., debtor's feelings. It's great if you can resolve the situation in a wise way, and not turn the situation into a family conflict.
  • Expecting more. The desire to win in people with an unstable psyche can cause emotional distress. In such a case, internal devastation may arise., loss of strength and energy. Our advice: do not place too high hopes on this game, it's just a matter of chance.
  • Desire to buy more tickets. The more you lose, the more you want to buy. Manage to stop in time, because if you stay for 10 years buy by 1 ticket per month, then through 10 years you will save so much, how much would you win. This is information proven by scientists., so if you want to get something - think. It may be more profitable to save a little every month..
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